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Butters POV
On the third day after returning home, my parents finally let me go to school again. When I was younger I’d hoped eventually the groundings would stop, but if anything, they had gotten worse. My bedroom had been nothing but a prison to me for years. I’m sure if they had the chance my parents would chain me down in the basement again. I used to think their overprotectiveness was proof that they cared for me deeply, but I’d stopped fooling myself years ago. This wasn’t behaviour formed out of love or even affection, it was about control. I wasn’t their son, I was their possession.
I didn’t allow myself to dwell on those thoughts long, burying them deep in my mind. It was how I’d coped all these years, enduring the torment from both my parents and Eric. A lot of people would think I was naïve, but I preferred it that way. Forcing myself to remain constantly positive was easier than actually processing any of the horrors I’d been through.
Despite myself, I found my hands absently rubbing at the scabs around my wrists. The rope burns were steadily healing but I knew they were likely to scar. The fact bothered me more than it usually would. It wasn’t the damage to my body, rather the idea that I’d be carrying a permanent reminder of the incident. Pulling my sleeve down to cover my wrists, I couldn’t help gently thumbing the material of the orange parka fondly. I suppose not all the memories were bad, I smiled to myself, mind wandering to thoughts of the kiss.
I knew wearing Kenny’s parka had become more for comfort than anything. I’d had plenty of long sleeve shirts at home that would have hidden my wrists just fine. Still, I couldn’t resist the urge to wrap myself in its warmth and think of all the years Kenny had done the same. We hadn’t spoken since I left her house that morning, the first thing my parents had done was confiscate my phone and computer as punishment for running away again. I didn’t bother correcting them, even if I told them I’d been kidnapped I doubt the punishment would have changed. They’d probably say it was my own fault for staying out past their ridiculously strict curfew.
As soon as I’d entered the school I’d made it my priority to find Kenny. I had to thank her and return the parka, I told myself, ignoring the butterflies that had appeared in my stomach at the chance of seeing her again. After searching the halls and realizing she wasn’t at school yet I’d resigned to seeing her in class. Finding her desk empty had left me disappointed and a little worried. It’s not like Kenny missing school was unusual, but now that I knew about her ‘condition’ I realised those absences had likely been because of her deaths. Even though I knew it wasn’t permanent, the idea of her possibly being dead made my heart ache. Would she have suffered? What if it was a slow death? My mind flashed to the image of Kenny slumped dead in my arms after I’d called her ‘not human.’ I clenched my eyes shut, willing away the terrible image.
As I focussed on the class it was impossible not to notice the questioning glances from the other students as they caught sight of me. There wasn’t a person in South Park who wouldn’t recognise the parka and I instantly regretted not leaving it in my locker when I couldn’t find Kenny this morning.
No one said anything as I reached my seat, in fact the room was unusually quiet. It was uncomfortable and more than a little unnerving but, as an all too familiar voice piped up, I wished the silence would return.
“I thought it was girls who wear their boyfriend’s jacket, not the other way around,” Eric snickered and I felt my cheeks burn at his comment. Thankfully I didn’t need to reply because Kyle beat me to it.
“Like you’d know anything about having a girlfriend, Fatass,” Kyle scoffed.
“I’m sorry, Jew, but when was the last time you dated anyone? Oh that’s right, it was Nicole eight years ago and she didn’t even date you for more than a few days,” Eric hissed back.
“And whose fault was that? We wouldn’t have broken up if you hadn’t gone around telling everyone we were a couple!” Kyle snapped.
“I’d be more focused on the fact that everyone believed you were gay so quickly,” Eric remarked.
Kyle flinched and I saw Eric’s smirk falter for just a second before they both pulled their expressions back into scowls.  
“Says the guy who tried to convince everyone he was transgender in Fourth grade,” Kyle reminded him.
“You say that like it matters in this class. Kenny’s been dressing as a dude for years, even the teacher can’t decide on his gender and don’t go pretending you never dressed as Brittany Spears when we were eight,” Eric reminded him. I was surprised to hear Eric mention Kenny’s gender so openly. I glanced around the room but no one appeared shocked at the news.
As if Eric’s words had conjured him, Mr Garrison finally walked into the classroom.
“Alright you two, that’s enough. You can pull each other’s pig tails in your own time.”


The longer class went on the more panicked my theories of Kenny’s absence became. What if Eric had done something to her? The fact that she’s seen his walking corpse of a father would be more than enough reason to hurt her. She could be tied up in that basement right now, just as I’d been only a few days ago. My wrists itched at the thought and I glanced suspiciously at the bulky teen a few desks away. Maybe she’d finally decided it was all too much and killed herself for real? I didn’t know if there was any way for her to die permanently, but that didn’t mean Kenny didn’t. The class had obviously found out about her gender, what if they’d reacted badly? Maybe she’d been bullied, hurt or even murdered by another student. Some closed-minded bigot on some high and mighty quest to ‘cleanse’ the world of anyone who didn’t strictly fit the gender norms. No I couldn’t accept the idea that any of the people in this classroom would be capable of something like that. Not even Eric Cartman.
As my fears became more and more elaborate, I was forced to consider the simplest and perhaps most likely situation. This one hurt most of all. What if I was the reason?
It was hard to deny that it would make sense. The kiss had been spontaneous, neither of us had even talked about what it meant. What had it meant? I still didn’t know. I racked my brain trying to remember who’d initiated the kiss first. It had all been so sudden and my mind had still fuzzy from exhaustion. But the morning after I remembered clearly and everything had seemed fine, great even. Kenny had seemed happy and even flirty. Well that wasn’t proof of anything, I assured myself, Kenny was a notorious flirt. Since we were eight years old everyone saw Kenny as a perverted horn dog. The comments she’d make were certainly enough evidence to suggest it. Admittedly the suggestive comments and sex jokes had died down a lot since they were kids, but she had definitely managed to keep up appearances. I knew now that it must have been an act. The other night been her first kiss and I knew in my gut Kenny wouldn’t lie about that. The look on her face had been so vulnerable when she’d admitted it, there was no way she’d been lying.
But still, first kiss or not, there was no guarantee it meant anything. Well to her anyway. I knew it had definitely meant something to me. I wasn’t the type of guy to go around randomly kissing people. Heck I’d even needed to pay for my first kiss and then when I’d become a ‘kissing pimp’ I’d never kissed any of the girls. Besides the closest thing I’d ever had to a girlfriend was Lexus, the waitress from Raisins and that had been more in my head than anything.
Oh god, the more I thought about it the more I realised how completely in over my head I’d been. Why would anyone, especially someone as amazing as Kenny, be interested in a loser like me? Of course she didn’t come to school. She’s probably avoiding me, too nice to tell me how horrible the kiss was and how much she regrets it. My heart clenched at the idea of me completely ruining our friendship just as we’d become closer than ever.
When the lunch bell rang I jolted in my seat realising I’d missed the entire lesson. I hadn’t written a single thing down, hadn’t even taken out my book. Unsurprisingly Mr Garrison hadn’t noticed, his track record as a teacher wasn’t exactly the brightest. As I watched the students leave my eyes rested on three familiar faces. I realised there was only one thing I could do. I needed to get some answers or else I’d never be able to concentrate. Picking up my school bag, I hastily followed Stan, Kyle and Eric outside the classroom.
“Hey fellas, wait up!” I called after them and they paused to look at me curiously.
“What the hell do you want, Butters?” Eric growled but I ignored him and instead chose to focus on the redhead beside him. Kyle had always been the most approachable of their gang. Sure, Stan was nice but he was also very intimidating. Kyle was about as short me and didn’t possess any of the muscle that Stan or Eric had developed from sports. And even until recently, Kenny had seemed mysterious and withdrawn making her perhaps the most unapproachable of the group.
“Do you know why Kenny isn’t here today?” I asked rubbing my knuckles together nervously.
“I-I have to return her parka,” I quickly added before they had a chance to assume anything. The last thing I needed was Kenny thinking I was going around spreading rumours about us being a couple or something.  
Kyle’s eyes softened at my obvious discomfort and he took on a kind tone, “She hasn’t been to school in three days. I was actually hoping you might have seen her since you had her parka.” I shook my head.
“I haven’t seen her since she saved me from Eric’s basement,” I explained.
Kyle looked outraged as he turned on Eric, “Why the hell did you have Butter’s trapped in your basement!?”
Eric glared at me, obviously annoyed I’d let that piece of information slip.
“Geez I don’t pry into your personal life Kyle,” Eric replied shrugging.
Kyle wasn’t having any of his bullshit however, stepping towards him threateningly. Or, at least, he tried. Eric was a lot taller than him and it just ended up looking like Kyle was invading his personal space.
“This is serious, Cartman! You can’t just keep doing this crap. We’re not little kids any more, you could get arrested,” Kyle warned him.
“Aww is the little Jew worried about me?” Eric said with a condescending smirk.
Kyle scowled and took a step back, “Yeah right! I just don’t want to be known as the friend of a felon.”
Despite my usual submissive nature, I found myself growing annoyed. Their friend could possibly be in danger and here they were fighting each other.
Before I knew it I snapped at them, interrupting whatever retort Eric had been about to say.
“Shouldn’t you guys be looking for her? You’re her friends, she could be in trouble!”
Eric eyed me with surprise. He seemed to toss something over in his head before making a decision.
“Look, Butters, you don’t need to worry about her. Kenny’s fine,” he assured me in an uncharacteristic show of compassion. Kyle looked at him as if he’d grown a second head.
“How do you know?” I asked him uncertainly.
“I’d just…,” Eric gave a noncommittal shrug, “know.”
That didn’t soothe my worries at all but before I could question him further, Kyle spoke.
“So you do know why Kenny hasn’t been here. I knew it! What aren’t you telling us, Fatass? You’ve been hiding something for days, you think I can’t tell when you’re up to something?”
I briefly contemplated telling them about Eric’s recent grave robbing escapades but decided it wasn’t wise with the cuprite standing two feet away.
“Once again, none of your business, Jew,” Eric hissed, his considerate moment apparently over.
“It is my concern because it could possibly involve endangering one of my close friends,” Kyle demanded.
Eric looked defiant for a few moments and then sighed as if he knew arguing was pointless.
“Fine, you would have found out tomorrow any way. I thought I’d spare you guys the burden of knowledge but it appears I can’t ever do anything nice,” Eric grumbled but his eyes had grown dark.
He looked at the three of us hesitantly for a moment, as if choosing his next words carefully.
“Kenny hasn’t been at school because she’s trying to make sure we don’t all die tomorrow.”
Keeping Secrets...Chapter Twenty-Eight
Previous>>Keeping Secrets...Chapter Twenty-Seven
Kenny McCormick has been keeping secrets her whole life. But what will she do when one of her secrets is revealed by none other than Butters! Follow her journey as her web of lies collapses around her and as a romance blooms.
Warning- In this Fanfic Kenny is a girl!
Picture is drawn by kaerii18 check her out>>
Kenny POV
“Who do you think you are? I’m not some personal Genie that you can just summon whenever you want something! I’m the Prince of Hell for Lucifer’s sake! If I wasn’t trapped in this damn thing I’d rip your bloody head off!” Damien scowled at me from the confines of my hastily drawn pentagram.
His blatant rage didn’t scare me. I’d been around Damien long enough to know he wouldn’t hurt me. I wasn’t sure whether it was because he actually enjoyed my company or if he just thought it was pointless to kill someone who couldn’t really die. Either way, it still didn’t stop him threatening me every chance he got.    
“Look if we could just skip the threats today and get to actual issue here that would be great,” I hissed in a commanding tone.
Damien raised an eyebrow at me in disbelief and I could see he was about to snap some kind of retort.
Before he had a chance to open his mouth I beat him to it, “Something’s wrong with me.”
He seemed to swallow his retort and chose to remain silent, watching me expectantly.
I continued, nervously rubbing the back of my neck as I tried to articulate the problem, “Well not particularly wrong, I guess, just…not normal. I mean, it’s like I’m suddenly sympathetic towards Cartman. Hell, I’m even sticking up for that asshole in pointless arguments. He’s a fat, evil, son of a bitch who’s literally killed me. But it’s like my mind keeps trying to make up excuses for him. ‘It was an accident’, ‘He didn’t mean to kill you’ ‘It was your choice not to come up for air’-”
I cut off then as I realised I’d started to ramble. Damien was looking at me impatiently and I sighed.

Deciding to get straight to the point, I asked, “Is it the bond?”
At first Damien sneered, preparing to make a snide remark. But something must have changed his mind because his face faltered the tiniest bit. I would have missed it if I hadn’t spent nearly every day of the last six years with him. I knew Damien more than I probably knew myself and he, in turn, had known me, the true me, long before anyone else. Time in hell moves differently, one day can feel like a week in hell. Psychologically I’d probably spent more of my childhood with Damien than even my best friends. Part of me entertained the hope that it was some form of fondness for me that lead to Damien’s reply.
“When an immortal bonds with a human, it’s much different for them. Sometimes the human can go their whole life unaffected, seemingly unaware they were ever a power source at all. But for an immortal, it’s not as simple. Since you were born, your bond to Cartman has been effecting the way you think.”

Damien paused for a moment, watching me carefully, allowing me time to process his words before continuing.
“You may not want to admit it, but you couldn’t help becoming friends with Cartman. Your bond made you drawn to his company whether you liked it or not. Initially it was for convenience. While he was nearby your access to your powers were stronger. But your awareness and contact with the bond has been heightened lately. When Cartman revived you he directly accessed your bond. He wasn’t just a ‘power source’ anymore, he became an equal participant within the bond. Not only that, but you also delved into each other’s subconsciousness when you possessed him. That kind of soul contact would have created side effects even without the bond already in place. The bond is being forced to grow stronger to withstand the new intensity of power flowing between you two.”
This was all becoming too much. The bond had been hard enough to accept before.
“So what does that mean? Am I going to want to be with Cartman all the time? Is he going to start dying every day as well? What about Butters? How the hell am I supposed to explain this to him? Oh god, am I going to fall in love with Cartman?” I gasped, my voice was laced with horror at the words. My stomach churned even at the thought.

“What is it with you and questions? I should limit you to three a day. Honestly, if you’re going to treat me like a Genie I might as well get the restrictions of one,” Damien said this in a slightly teasing tone and suddenly his smile was almost reassuringly, “You’re not going to fall in love with Cartman. Sure, you may feel obligated to protect him, sympathise with him when no one else can and even detect his emotions, even when it seems like he doesn’t have any. But the bond cannot force love. Sure love between bonded pairs can happen, but not because of the bond, love isn’t something magic can force.”
He said the last part almost fondly and I wondered if he was thinking about Pip. It was obvious to see there was something between the two. I knew Damien well enough to see how the blonde affected him. Damien seemed to catch himself and he cleared his throat.
His scowl returned as he hissed, “Immortals shouldn’t care about love anyway. We don’t need to trouble ourselves with such a human emotion.”
I didn’t press him any further, I knew he’d never admit to loving Pip even to himself. I was too busy feeling relieved about the safety of my own love life to worry about anyone else’s. Geez when did I become an expert in spotting desperate longing among my friends? Maybe I should pursue a career in matchmaking. Damien’s harsh voice snapped me back to reality.

“Well this whole conversation has been long and pointless, so I’m gonna head back to hell now since I actually have thousands of demons to rule,” Damien grumbled impatiently.
Suddenly I was hit by a thought which caused me to desperately shout, “Wait!”
Damien growled in protest but thankfully didn’t disappear.
“Do you think I could maybe borrow a hundred or so demons?” I asked in a pleading tone.
Damien seemed genuinely lost for words for a moment before snapping incredulously, “What could you possibly need a hundred of my subjects for?”
I looked shuffled my feet nervously before quickly replying, “Well Cartman brought some people back to life which made Death really mad and he maybe, kinda, sorta declared war on South Park.”

Damien gaped at me like I’d grown a second head, “He WHAT?”
“Declared war on-” I began again but Damien cut me off.
“I heard what you fucking said! Oh my Lucifer, you cannot be serious. You know Death is one of the strongest immortals of all time, right? He’s even stronger than my Dad. How the hell do you plan on beating him?” Damien actually looked horrified, which was more emotion than I’d ever seen him display. His reaction was a harsh reminder of the terrifying situation I was in.
“I was thinking maybe with a little help from a hundred demons or so…” I trailed off lamely and Damien’s eyes narrowed.
“There’s no way I’m sending a hundred of my men on a suicide mission!” Damien exclaimed with surprising loyalty.

I knew it was unfair of me to expect him to ever say yes. After all, Damien didn’t owe me anything. In fact, I actually owed him considering he’d kept me company all these years whenever I’d gone to hell. Without him who knows what the normal patrons of the underworld would have done to me. But he was my only hope, there was no way anyone in this town would join me. Let alone believe me. Even if they did, I couldn’t have that on my conscience. It was a long shot that any of us were going to survive this battle, but I’d be throwing them in the front lines to be slaughtered. At least demons stood a bit more of a chance than humans.
“Please Damien, South Park will be destroyed if we don’t do something. Hundreds of innocent people will die. Some part of you must carry at least a tiny bit of fondness for this town? It was the first place you came to on Earth. It was Pip’s home, the place you guys met. Please, you have to help me save it,” I pleaded with him.
Damien stared at me for a long time, his expression unreadable. I was just about to drop to my knees and actually start begging, when he finally spoke.
“First of all, I don’t have to do anything. I’m the future heir to the throne of hell, I don’t answer to barely immortals like you,” Damien snarled and I felt my slim hope slipping away, “But hell can’t afford a massacre right now. There’s barely enough room as it is, let alone for an entire town of new arrivals.”

My face lit up immediately and I almost hugged him, but I knew that’d probably cause him to change his mind immediately. So instead I kept a safe distance and bounced from one foot to the other just barely keeping myself from jumping for joy.
“So you’ll help me?” I asked trying to contain my immense relief.
“On one condition,” he replied seriously.
My joy was quickly replaced for dread as I tried to imagine what horrible task he’d ask of me.
“I’m not sending my army just so that they can all die horribly. That would not only be terribly inconvenient for me, but it would also disgrace my Father’s name. So you can understand why I wouldn’t agree to something like that without a contingency plan,” Damien insisted sternly, “so yes I’ll grant you a hundred of my demons. But only if you gather your own army of humans to fight with them.”
My smile from earlier was completely diminished now. I was back to square one. There’s no way I’d be able to gather an army in two days. Even if by some miracle I did manage to find the man power, how could I live with myself afterwards? I would be the reason hundreds of humans died.
“Oh,” Damien added suddenly with a menacing smirk, “and for each demon I loose on the battlefield, I get to claim one of your soldiers’ soul as replacements for my lost man.”
I immediately protested, “Hold on! You can’t just-”
“That’s my final and only offer, Ken. Take it or leave it,” Damien said firmly.
I knew that this was an impossible position to be in. I could say no and fight a losing battle, in which the entire town would be destroyed and everyone would die anyway, or I could agree and have at least a slightly better chance at beating Death. But of course, in the likely event that we still failed, I would be solely responsible for the damnation of over a hundred innocent souls to a fate worse than death.

There was really only one thing I could do.

Keeping Secrets...Chapter Twenty-Seven
Next>>Keeping Secrets...Chapter Twenty-Eight
Kenny McCormick has been keeping secrets her whole life. But what will she do when one of her secrets is revealed by none other than Butters! Follow her journey as her web of lies collapses around her and as a romance blooms.
Warning- In this Fanfic Kenny is a girl!
Picture is drawn by kaerii18 check her out>>
I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has read my stories and/or hopefully still reads them. I know I don't really write comments on people's profiles saying thank you but I hope you guys know how grateful I really am. All faves and comments are greatly appreciated. I just want you guys to know that you are the inspiration that keeps me writing! :D
P.s Almost Christmas time! Happy Holidays! :3


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